Spiller Woods

Kitty Plate: 6½" Turquoise

6½" wide shallow plate, perfect to hold your favorite jewelry or to just admire because it's fucking epic. Seriously, this is my favorite plate out of this bunch and I really don't want to sell it. So, I put a high price on it because I love it that much.

This piece is from my 2nd run of Sleeping Kitty plates and is still considered a prototype. The plate warped a little during the firing process and has a slight wobble to it (see photos). The crazing on this plate is absolutely gorgeous, but that means it is for decorative use only. The kitty image is hand drawn, carved and then filled in with an underglaze color. Each one is unique.

Underglaze: White & Baltic Black
Glaze: Dark Berry & Clear
Clay body: Oregon White
Fired: Electric kiln, cone 6

Ships First Class mail, US only.