Spiller Woods

Kitty Plate: Glacier Blue

Kitty Plate: Glacier Blue
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6⅛" shallow plate
weighs 11 ounces

Slip: White and Medium Blue
Glaze: Glazier Blue and Clear
Clay body: Oregon White
Fired: Gas kiln, cone 6

This piece is from my first run of Sleeping Kitty plates and is considered a prototype (aka, it ain't perfect!). I'm suggesting that this plate is for decorative use only since there is some "crazing" (aka, small cracks) in the glaze. The kitty image is hand drawn, carved and then filled in with a colored slip. Each one is unique.

*Please note that there are 2 small areas on the surface of the plate where the glaze did not cover the clay body (see photos).

Ships First Class mail, US only.